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Preschool / Pre-K

Ages 3 - 5


Ages 3 - 4

Our Preschool Classroom is designed to serve ages 3 to 4 years.  Students must be completely potty trained in order to participate in our program.  We believe that children learn through play, so we have designed our classrooms into content specific learning centers. Our program focuses on academic, social, emotional, physical, and spiritual growth through the use of the Creative Curriculum.   We have several options available for families that wish to attend our program.

  • Full Day Program (5 or 3 days a week)

  • 9am-12pm Preschool 2 mornings (MW or TR)


Age 4-5

Our Pre-Kindergarten program is offered for children who will be entering Kindergarten in August or September of the upcoming school year. 

We have 2 Pre-K programs.  One is for children who attend all day childcare.  The other Pre-K program offers 9 am-12 pm Pre-K.  These programs focus on academic, social, emotional, physical, and spiritual growth implemented through the Creative Curriculum.  Kindergarten readiness is top priority in this classroom!  The Pre-K curriculum will help get your child ready for Kindergarten by focusing on alphabet identification, phonemic awareness, handwriting, problem solving, basic math skills, etc.  Our teachers utilize the Ohio Early Learning and Development Standards when lesson planning. We offer several options for families in this age group:

  • Full Day (3 or 5 days)

  • 9 am-12 pm Pre-K (Monday through Thursday)

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