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Infant / Toddler

Our Infant / Toddler program serves children ages 6 weeks through 2 years.

Infant 1 Classroom

Ages 6 weeks through 12 months

Our Infant 1 program is the best around!  Our spacious room will allow your child to explore and grow in a safe, nurturing environment.  Our experienced staff will work with families to provide the best care possible for your baby.  Your baby sets their own eating and sleeping schedule at our center.  We even provide weekly lesson plans that focus on Ohio's Early Learning and Development Standards and are Creative Curriculum based.  Infant lesson plans include art projects, Bible stories, fine motor, gross motor, sensory, math, science, and language development.

Infant 2 Classroom

Our Infant 2 room serves children ages 12 months to 24 months.  Babies are ready to enter this room once they are off the bottle and eating table food.  By splitting our infant rooms into 2 separate rooms (Infant 1 & Infant 2) we have created a more developmentally appropriate environment for your growing baby!  This room focuses on language development, social play, and becoming steady on their feet!


Ages 2 - 3

Our Toddler program serves children ages 2 to 3.  This classroom focuses heavily on social skills, self help skills, and potty training.  We work with families to support their efforts and work as a team to reach this milestone.  This classroom utilizes Ohio's Early Learning and Development Standards and the Creative Curriculum to enhance learning, growth, and development. Full time and part time rates are available for this age.

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